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Softening water project Fair

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  The fair is also called the central investment and Trade Expo, is by the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the State Administration of radio, the National Tourism Bureau, Chinese Council, the National Association of industry and commerce, China jointly organized by the Federation of Industrial Economics; Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei, Hunan six people's Government of the province, held once a year.

  In order to make the Expo venue remained stable at a constant temperature, the air conditioning equipment is essential, but the air conditioning operation for a long time will be fever, hot, with possible damage to the machine body, so the air conditioning equipment must have a water circulating system for air conditioning cooling equipment. We are honored to participate in the Expo venue softening water project construction work of air conditioning.

  Characteristics of softened water equipment for air conditioning

  1 、 air conditioning softened water equipment uses high efficiency ion exchange resin, with large capacity, low energy consumption and long service life.

  2 、 air conditioning water softening equipment automatic control system, water stable, easy to use, easy to operate. (within 7 or 12 days, the reduction cycle should be set as required, and the reduction time can be selected within twenty-four hours, and the reduction process can be adjusted)

  4 、 reasonable structure, easy installation and operation. According to the actual use requirements, personalized design of the corresponding equipment.

  Working principle of air conditioning softened water equipment

  Air conditioning water softening equipment using the technology of ion exchange resin, calcium and magnesium ions by replacement of water, with calcium and magnesium ions adsorption constant, resin reached limit, reached a saturation level, on the need for resin regeneration. The regeneration process in a brine tank, rinse the resin with industrial salt water, salt water and sodium calcium and magnesium ions on the resin and the replacement reaction of calcium and magnesium ions displace with concentrated water discharge to.

  Technical specifications and requirements of water softening equipment for air conditioning

  Inlet water pressure: 0.18-0.6Mpa

  Operating temperature: 1-55 DEG C

  Hardness of raw water: <8mmol/L

  Mode of operation: automatic / manual

  Water hardness: less than 0.03mmol/L

  Recycling agent: sodium chloride

  Regeneration mode: downstream / upstream

  Exchanger: 001*7 strong acid ion exchange resin

  Control mode: time / flow

  Operating power: 220V/50Hz



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