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Sponge city completed 54 billion 400 million investment, the pilot area has reached 420 square kilometers

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In from April 27th to 28th, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of water resources held a site meeting of the central government to support the construction of underground comprehensive corridors and sponge cities in Sichuan, Chengdu province. The theme of the conference is to summarize the previous phase of pilot demonstration work, to further exchange experience, deploy, and promote the next step. From all 33 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the 25 pilot city underground pipe gallery, 30 sponge city construction pilot city government responsible comrades, the relevant provinces of finance, housing and urban construction and water conservancy departments responsible comrades attended the meeting.

  Vice Minister of finance Liu Wei, Vice Minister of housing and urban construction Ni Hong, Vice Minister of water resources Ye Jianchun attended the meeting, and vice governor of Sichuan province Yang Hongbo attended the meeting and delivered a speech. 7 pilot cities such as Harbin, Xiamen, Siping, Nanning, Suining, Ningbo and Chengdu have respectively introduced the results and experiences of the pilot work. Pilot cities related responsible comrades, provincial departments responsible comrades also conducted a pilot demonstration of exchange discussions. Participants went to Chengdu underground comprehensive corridor pilot project site and Suining sponge city construction pilot project site visit, study and exchange.

  Underground pipe gallery and sponge city construction, the CPC Central Committee and State Council as a major decision to promote the new urbanization and the implementation of ecological civilization construction made, is an important content of the supply side structural reform, the city, both face and lining, to optimize the city ecological space, has important significance to enhance the quality of public services is the city. Real livelihood project. General secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions several times. The State Council issued special documents and urged them to make great efforts. In accordance with the central strategic plan, in 2015, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of housing and urban construction and water conservancy departments jointly carried out the central financial support for underground integrated corridor and sponge city construction pilot work. In the pilot period of three years, the central government carried out awards and subsidies according to the size of the pilot cities, and gave preferential policies to promote the use of government and social capital cooperation model (PPP) in the pilot work.

  In the past two years, it has been divided into two batches, and selected 25 underground comprehensive pipeline corridors, pilot cities and 30 sponge city construction cities in China through competitive measures. According to the implementation plan, two pilot projects, the pilot period of three years, plans a total investment of 267 billion yuan, a total of 1090 kilometers of underground integrated pipe gallery, built sponge City area of 922 square kilometers. Through efforts, the pilot work has achieved remarkable results. As of now, underground pipe gallery pilot project has started construction of 687 kilometers, 260 kilometers into the corridor, completed an investment of about 40000000000 yuan; the sponge city construction pilot project has been the construction area of 420 square kilometers, completed an investment of about 54 billion 400 million yuan.

  The pilot work to promote the national city underground pipe gallery and sponge city construction popularity increased rapidly, the rapid advance of the scientific management of municipal pipelines, intensive City, water ecological restoration, flood control and drainage, water resources utilization, water saving, environmental protection and actively promote the construction of management system and achieved remarkable results, the leading role of pilot and demonstration work obviously. At present, the country has more than 200 city in the construction of underground pipe gallery more than 2600 kilometers, there are 445 city proposed special planning underground pipe gallery construction, involving the construction mileage of about 13000 km; 370 city planning put forward a special sponge city construction, involving the construction area of about 10200 square kilometers.

  Site meeting, Vice Minister of finance Liu Wei fully affirmed the achievements of the pilot work, and asked the pilot city to thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping in Nanning study instruction, raise awareness, grasp the essence of the policy, and effectively solve the problems in the pilot work and problems, make full use of the valuable experience accumulated pilot and demonstration work, promote orderly pilot work, in the guarantee of quality and safety of the accelerating, to ensure the completion of tasks.


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