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The rural wastewater treatment market demand strong but not easy to snatch problems

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Water pollution is very serious in our country. Water pollution not only endangers people's health, but also hinders the development of industry and agriculture, and water pollution control is imminent. Compared to urban sewage treatment, there is still a big market gap in rural sewage treatment, but it is difficult to advance because of late start and many problems.

  According to prospective industry research institute data show that the total discharge of sewage from 395 tons in 1998 to 695 tons in 2013, an annual compound growth rate of 3.84%, showing an increase year by year. Among them, the proportion of domestic sewage discharge rose from 53.21% in 2000 to 69.76% in 2013, becoming the main source of wastewater discharge.

  There are many factors causing water pollution. In the vast rural areas, domestic sewage and agricultural sewage are the most important sources of wastewater. Domestic sewage is used in daily life of various sewage, garbage, etc., agricultural sewage is the use of pesticides, fertilizers produced. The sewage was discharged into the river without any treatment, which led to the increasingly serious water pollution in rural areas.

  Under this background, sewage treatment is imperative. But unlike urban sewage treatment, the number of people living in rural areas is sparse and living is scattered, and there is no specific water charging system and reasonable drainage system, which leads to great difficulty in sewage treatment. According to statistics, the country's rural areas produce more than 30 million tons of sewage per day, while the sewage treatment rate is less than 10%.

  At the same time, the lack of a clear business model and professional talents in rural sewage treatment involves many management departments and management systems. Therefore, the enterprises are too big to restrain and have little enthusiasm. Most of them are dominated by the government, and the expenses of equipment, operation and so on are borne by the government.

  With the continuous improvement of the country's attention, and the improvement of living standards of rural residents, the demand for sewage treatment is increasing day by day. Especially the urban sewage treatment market is saturated, and extending to the rural sewage treatment market is the trend of the times.

  According to the "Chinese rural sewage treatment industry analysis report" is expected in 2016, rural sewage treatment industry output is expected to exceed $40 billion by 2020 will increase to 84 billion yuan, in 2025 more than 100 billion yuan, the market prospect is broad.

  But in solving the problem of rural sewage treatment, it is necessary to seek a more suitable business model, or PPP model can be introduced into the rural sewage treatment field. So as to improve the enthusiasm of enterprises involved in rural sewage treatment and improve the quality of rural water resources.

  The future, the country will continue to increase efforts to support sewage treatment, or introduced during the year "water ten" implementation assessment, assessment methods and implementation details, it is a signal. Expected by 2020, the annual average growth rate of sewage treatment market size can be maintained at around 20%, rural sewage treatment will be the main market.


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