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Central document first mention of environmental responsibility list

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The current environmental management system of our country is mainly local environmental management system in order to block the main work, this system makes some local development of light environmental protection, environmental monitoring and law enforcement intervention, the environmental responsibility to implement the existing laws, lax enforcement, weifabujiu phenomenon such as large amount. Reprinted Legal Daily: access to the original, please click

  Deputy director of the Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection vertical management working group office Wu Shunze the problem; it is difficult to implement a supervision of the responsibility of local government and relevant departments; the two is difficult to solve local protectionism on environmental monitoring law enforcement intervention; three is difficult to adapt to the new requirements of co-ordination to address cross regional inter basin environmental problems, four it is difficult to regulate and strengthen the building of the local environmental protection agency.

  Wu Shunze said, this is also the implementation of vertical change of the main background. According to his introduction, "guidance on Provincial Environmental Protection Agency monitoring the supervision and enforcement of the vertical management system reform" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance") in the central file level is put forward for the first time to develop and implement environmental responsibility list, for the implementation of oversight responsibilities of local governments and relevant departments. Wu Shunze said that the "guiding opinions" were systematically arranged. According to his introduction, "guidance" first clear requirements on the ecological environment of the local Party committee and government responsibility, and strengthen supervision; secondly formulate relevant departments of environmental protection and strictly implement the responsibility list, according to the law accountable; third of the provincial environmental protection department to exercise unified environmental monitoring functions, authorized by the provincial government, the implementation of the supervision responsibility of Municipal County Government and the relevant departments.

  The problem of environmental monitoring law enforcement intervention Wu Shunze that would solve the local protectionism, mainly from the 3 aspects of crack, a system is the direct management of the provincial environmental protection department, municipal environmental monitoring agencies, to ensure the ecological environmental quality monitoring data of real effective; environmental law enforcement force municipal unified management within the administrative region, exercising the independent right of environmental law enforcement according to law; the two is the guarantee, in the municipal environmental monitoring agency property management at the provincial level, county environmental protection department of the property management in the city; three is the leading cadres management, the County Environmental Protection Bureau leadership directly managed by the municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau leadership by the provincial environmental protection department (bureau) in charge.

  How to adapt to new requirements and solving problems, cross regional inter basin environmental problems, Wu Shunze said, "guidance" to the province (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) to actively explore the settings according to basin environmental regulation and administrative law enforcement agencies, regional environmental protection organizations, orderly integration of different areas, different departments and different levels of regulatory power. At the same time, the provincial environmental protection department to lead establish regional cooperation mechanism, the implementation of cross regional inter basin environmental pollution joint prevention and control, strengthen inter regional watershed monitoring, joint law enforcement, joint law enforcement to promote cross, cross regional, inter basin environmental problems.

  He said, "guidance" to encourage the municipal Party committee and government in the region in accordance with the ecological environment system to co-ordinate the implementation of integrity management, unified planning, unified planning, unified standards, unified EIA, integrated set of cross in the area of environmental law enforcement and environmental monitoring agency.

  On standardizing and strengthening the team construction, the local environmental protection agency Wu Shunze said, "guidance" requirements of local institutions with reform, will still use the nature of the business, the cause of the preparation of the County Environmental Protection Bureau gradually transformed into administrative units, environmental law enforcement agencies set up standard of institution; at the same time, the "guidance" issued normative requirements the file as soon as possible, and comprehensively promote the environmental monitoring law enforcement ability of standardization construction; according to "guidance", to carry out environmental monitoring and law enforcement measure of coordination, equipped with environmental law enforcement investigation, law enforcement and other mobile equipment, the implementation of administrative law enforcement personnel certification and qualification management system.

  For the "guidance" which highlights, Wu Shunze said, the most noteworthy is that in the central file level is put forward for the first time to develop and implement environmental responsibility requirements list, local Party committees and governments and relevant departments must develop tube pipe production and environmental protection, avoid responsibility, responsibility, long vacuum, responsibility fuzzy phenomenon, which has assumed responsibility on the basis of supervision, is the starting point and accountable direction, so as to realize the environmental protection pattern.

  He said, "guidance" will be included in the government's environmental law enforcement agencies and law enforcement departments series, the law gives law enforcement agencies to implement environmental conditions and means of on-site inspection, administrative punishment, administrative enforcement, clear environmental uniformed law enforcement officers, strengthen environmental law enforcement authority.

  Wu Shunze said, at present, 12 provinces of Hebei, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Guangdong, Chongqing, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Qinghai (city) to the party or on behalf of the government put forward the reform for the implementation of the reform program, to carry out preparatory work for the drafting of.

  He said that the Ministry of environmental protection, the central office will determine the pilot provinces from Eastern and western regional co-ordination, mature one, for a start, a.

  "We have evaluated the policy impact of the vertical management system reform, and the evaluation results show that vertical change can promote the local Party committees and governments to fulfill the environmental quality and improve the main responsibility." Wu Shunze said, to clarify the classification of governance, unified law enforcement body, improve the efficiency of law enforcement, law enforcement to avoid, reduce business costs; can respond to the masses to reverse the deterioration of the environment, improve the environmental quality of the eagerly look forward to; can form the environmental governance system of government, enterprise and public governance.



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