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Removal of arsenic by fluoride

Removal of arsenic by fluoride

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  Fluoride removal and arsenic removal from natural mineral nanocomposite is a product of our research and development with the Hefei Institute of materials research, Chinese Academy of sciences. The technology of adsorption principle based on nano material, nano materials with small size and large surface area, the surface atoms of the unsaturated coordination leads to a large number of functional groups on the surface of the presence of a high chemical activity, showed high affinity and high adsorption capacity in the interface, can realize the efficient removal of fluoride in drinking water, arsenic and other pollutants. The natural mineral materials low in a matrix of natural mineral nano composite agent in the preparation process, modified assembly of good selectivity, high efficiency nano fluorine and arsenic adsorption materials, and the use of environmentally friendly recycled liquid on neutral compound activated regeneration, thereby reducing the operation cost of water purification of drinking water.

  This technology can overcome the acid-base disturbance, expand the scope of application of PH, which can be used for the treatment of drinking water fluoride and arsenic, can also be used for the removal of fluoride and arsenic pollution in wastewater, especially suitable for use in remote and rural areas of high fluoride. Therefore, this technology is scientific, forward-looking and practical, drinking water treatment and provide the basis of science and technology industry structure adjustment and industrial upgrading, as a safe drinking water in our country new level, provide strong support and guarantee for the quality of drinking water has reached the international advanced level.
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