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Project case

Jia Zhen Xing Wang Zhuang Cun Wu Shi Togtoh Inner Mongolia County of Hohhot City

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  Based on the major breakthrough, the project team to establish a nanotechnology of removal of pollutants in drinking water and drinking water treatment demonstration base in Inner Mongolia Hohhot integrated device Xing Wang Zhuang village of Togtoh County, after the treatment of arsenic and fluoride in drinking water and humic acid content from the original 110 g/L, 3.29mg/L and 19.75mg/L were reduced to 2.5 g/L, 1.21mg/L and 5.55mg/L, has reached the national standard for drinking water. Advanced treatment of nano additional cost of 0.48 yuan / ton, the whole device daily treatment capacity of 20 tons or more, the realization of drinking water arsenic, fluoride and humic acid removal, the treated water reached the standard of rural drinking water, let Xing Wang Zhuang Togtoh County village 110 villagers to drink the water, safety water, healthy water.

  Some demonstration project construction site: Jia Zhen Xing Wang Zhuang Cun Wu Shi Togtoh Inner Mongolia County of Hohhot city;

  Number of Villagers: 110 households;

  Water source: 180 meters deep underground water;

  Water situation: arsenic concentration exceeded 10 times, fluoride concentration exceeded 2 times, TOC exceeded 3 times, chroma exceeded 50%;

  Treatment efficiency: the removal rate of arsenic was 97.78%, the removal rate of fluoride was 84.80%, and the removal rate of TOC (humic acid) was 90.89%.

  The demonstration project has realized the long cherished wish of the villagers for many years, and has been well received by the leaders of the Ministry of science and technology, the Fund Committee and academicians and experts. By "China Science News", "Anhui daily", the central government network, China daily and and many other news media attention, so CCTV has produced a "science" into special programs, strong social repercussions.



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