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Central fourth environmental protection inspection team leader Zhu Zhixin to China Lin Branch of research

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On the morning of May 8th, Zhu Zhixin, head of the fourth environmental protection inspection team of the central government, came to China to investigate. Hefei Municipal Committee, mayor Lingyun, Chinese Academy of Sciences executive vice president Pan Jianwei, first institute leaders Lu Shouxiang, Chen Lin and other accompanied by research.

  In the future, the center of the B0 layer of scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition Hall, Zhu Zhixin and his party visited the understanding of the China Science and technology, nano fluoride, arsenic removal of scientific and technological innovation results, listen to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei Institute of material Kong Kong explained. In the exhibition area, Zhu Zhixin inquired in detail about the achievements and product applications of nano fluoride removal in China, and fully affirmed the contribution made by China forestry science and technology in solving the drinking water safety problems.



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