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China forestry science and technology nano debut investment and financing Roadshow

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In July 2015, Suzhou HeGII, Shanghai branch in Lin mountain design microbial medicine enterprise installation of reverse osmosis water treatment equipment according to pharmacopoeia of water.

  Water is a kind of excipient which is widely used and widely used in pharmaceutical production. It is used in the preparation of production process and pharmaceutical preparations. There are many ways to prepare purified water, in which reverse osmosis is one of the most common methods. In the preparation process, it is necessary to strictly monitor the production process, prevent microbial pollution, and ensure the water quality of the use point.

  In accordance with the Pharmacopoeia water use situation and specific requirements, after detailed planning and accurate verification, the company will eventually provide customers with the best results and affordable product matching program.

  The science and technology and installation team for Lin Huitong company equipment installation work, convenient site construction, reduce the security risk of scaffolding, competent technicians through careful research, timely construction personnel with multi communication, solve the small area, installation space shortage problems during the installation process, give full play to the staff the initiative, professional and efficient implementation of equipment installation and acceptance, fully demonstrated the team's dedication, professionalism and excellent work style, also demonstrated in Lin science serve the sincerity of each project.



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