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Reverse osmosis equipment

Large reverse osmosis equipment (50T/H-100T/H)

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Large reverse osmosis water quantity of the equipment is relatively large, generally used in large-scale industrial production enterprises, through the equipment installation, can complete large water treatment, can efficiently complete the work, to provide sufficient guarantee for our daily users.

  Equipment features:

  1. Design and configure the functional units according to the raw water quality and the user's URS requirements;

  2 、 touch screen +PLC fully automatic control, to ensure long-term stable operation, simple and convenient operation;

  3 、 modular design and installation: reverse osmosis equipment and pretreatment of the overall frame, compact structure, easy installation;

  4, on-line water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes, to ensure water quality safety;

  5, with waterless protection and high, low pressure, overpressure protection and other device safety functions;

  6, the main components of imported components (such as sea can reverse osmosis ultra low pressure membrane), high stability;

  7, reasonable dense water recycling design.

  Single stage and double stage differentiation of reverse osmosis equipment:

  The main difference from the process of the single stage reverse osmosis equipment mainly used in water is better, or water quality requirements are not very high users; two stage reverse osmosis equipment mainly used in relatively poor water quality or high water quality requirements of the users.

  The principle of reverse osmosis equipment:

  Reverse osmosis equipment using the membrane filtration principle detailed screening, to prevent the natural osmotic pressure, we performed a compression procedure at the inlet, when the pressure is higher than the natural operation of our osmotic pressure, the flow direction of water molecules will be natural penetration in the opposite side countercurrent, and dilution of the reverse osmosis membrane the water molecules in the water, so that the organic matter in water are dissolved to the utmost extent, achieve our reverse osmosis effect. Application: reverse osmosis equipment widely used, the first is the pharmaceutical industry, the special nature of the pharmaceutical industry on the reverse osmosis equipment demand is large, such as the production of pharmaceutical water, washing water, water for injection, sterile water preparation and so on; then we are the most common drinks industry, beverage industry, water, formula when used in the production of water, washing water; application in the field of environmental protection is more extensive, the sewage recycling make our living environment has been greatly improved.


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