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Ultrafiltration equipment

Environmental protection pipe type ultrafiltration system

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A review of tubular ultrafiltration system

  Our present water quality is not optimistic, the tubular ultrafiltration system is one of the better methods. The diameter of the tubular ultrafiltration membrane is 0.5-2.0mm and the diameter is 0.3-1.4mm. The molecular weight can be several thousand to several hundred thousand. The system can intercept the suspended matter, colloid and other macromolecular substances in the solution, and finally achieve the purpose of purification and separation.

  Technical parameters of tubular ultrafiltration system

  PES and PVDF tubular ultrafiltration membranes with film tubes ranging in diameter from 5mm to 12.5mm. The tubular ultrafiltration system has excellent strength, pollution resistance, oxidation resistance and acid and alkali resistance (pH1-13). The flux of pure water is up to 750L/m2. H, the working pressure can reach 10bar, and the operating temperature can reach 80 C. Even if direct filtration of activated sludge concentration of up to 40g/L biochemical wastewater, membrane flux is still up to 80-140L/m2 = h, 5-10 times that of the submerged ultrafiltration membrane.

  Application of tubular ultrafiltration system

  Mineral water: in the production of mineral water, the application of ultrafiltration technology, in the engineering design, will be based on mineral water source water quality analysis report, targeted to select the membrane pore size and membrane type, design ultrafiltration design.

  Food: dairy products, fruit juice, wine, spices and other food production, the gradual adoption of ultrafiltration technology, such as milk or whey protein and low molecular weight lactose and water separation.

  Medicine: in medicine and bio chemical production, often need to heat sensitive substances were isolated by ultrafiltration technology to show its outstanding advantages.

  Pure water, ultra pure water: primary purification of industrial water, pure water, ultra pure water, RO pretreatment, pure water, ultra pure water terminal processing.

  Environmental protection: advanced treatment of industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater reuse system, electrophoretic paint, oil recovery.

  Fermentation: biochemical fermentation liquid separation and refining, enzyme concentration and purification, sugar and xylitol clarification, filtration.

  Tube type ultrafiltration system manufacturers

  In order to allow different water treatment equipment to be used better, the tubular ultrafiltration system can do the best. The tube type ultra filtration system specialized manufacturer, the system interception area is big, is not easy to jam. Tubular ultrafiltration membrane cleaning is relatively easy, chemical cleaning or scrub. The tubular ultrafiltration system and the coil type ultrafiltration system belong to the ultrafiltration system.


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