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Ultrafiltration equipment

Ultra filtration system for large electronic industry

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of water treatment equipment. Our ultra filtration system is widely used. It can be used in food and beverage industry as well as in industry, electronics and other industries. Among them, our swimming pool with reverse osmosis ultrafiltration equipment, hollow fiber ultrafiltration equipment, and so on, welcomed by various industries.

  Common cleaning methods for ultrafiltration system

  Ultrafiltration system for a long time will accumulate a lot of impurities on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane, thus plugging the membrane hole, resulting in reduced efficiency of the equipment. The correct cleaning method can help to extend the use of ultrafiltration membrane, there are three kinds of correct cleaning methods.

  1, the main operating pressure washing method: first ultrafiltration system the valve closed, then open the concentrated water chamber of the valve, cleaning the membrane surface by flow velocity, this method for the impurity removal are soft, the effect is more obvious.

  2, high purity water cleaning method: use the purity of high purity water, enhance the solubility of impurities, first use ultrafiltration water to remove loose dirt, and then cycle high pure water for cleaning.

  3, reverse cleaning method: the water from a water into the end of ultrafiltration, through the ultrafiltration membrane in the concentrated side, this reverse flushing method can effectively remove the dirt surface, but little attention is paid attention to the velocity of flow, avoid membrane damage.

  Our working process ultrafiltration system manufacturers no morphological changes, especially suitable for the temperature under the normal conditions of temperature sensitive material, it has good thermal performance, acid resistance and oxidation. At 60 degrees Celsius, PH2-11 can be used continuously for an extended period of time.


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