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Staff mien

  Because of dreams, we march forward courageously!

  Because of faith, even higher, we have to step by step to climb out of Lin's own style.


  Originally just a sightseeing tour activities, it always show people "in Lin in the section" the human spirit, never give up unremittingly.

  Heaven Village is 1630 meters high, steep and dangerous. There are two ways to go up the mountain. One is to climb for two or three hours, one step, one step, and the other is to take a cable car up the mountain. As the saying goes, "there is no turning back on the mountain". Once you choose to climb, you must persist to the end, so everyone is talking about "who will take the cable car?"" The first thought is the weight of 180 pounds of the flying cloud, after all so steep and rugged mountains, people are very difficult to adhere to. However, the clouds have to climb, we have repeatedly discouraged, cloud fly still choose to adhere to, but also constantly encourage everyone to say, "I have to adhere to, and what are you afraid of?


  The forty or fifty degree ladder, the rugged mountain road, is always testing his will and strength. Along the way, sweat soaked, clothes really can not move, he put his hand on the stone hill, hand to share the leg gravity.

  The hard way, a rugged road, which lasted 3.5 hours, he finally reached the top, sweat, clothes are all wet, it is difficult for us to imagine the way he experienced how hard, how much sweat, but he saw the spirit of the body, "Lin in science" the spirit of unremittingly and never give up.


    There is a persistence called obsession in the heart, there is a call ahead temper line. Along the way, we left behind the sweat and footprints, the harvest is courage and faith, we climb side by side, feel the hardships of the way, experience the joy of climbing the top of the mountain.


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