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国家点高新技术企业| 国家973项目科技成果转化企业| 中科院院属单位

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  Sino forest environmental science and Technology (Anhui) Limited by Share Ltd and Hefei Institute of Physical Science.CAS jointly established a water treatment infrastructure research and development center, which constitutes the national top research team for drinking water treatment technology. R & D center technical adviser, technical director and director of research and development by the 973 project chief scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Program" winner, famous university researcher Dr. as other research and development center are well-known universities, the backbone. At the beginning of its establishment, the company set up a specialized and standardized high-quality team with high technology products, high-level talents and high-end market. More than 20 doctoral candidates and senior professional titles have guaranteed the scientific and advanced nature of the nano water purification technology. It is a strong backing for the company's marketing and provides a guarantee for the company's development.


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