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Water Research Institute

China Zhongke water treatment research and Design Institute

Institute of water treatment technology by Lin national backbone members and industry of domestic water treatment experts set up as the core of the founding team, specializing in water treatment, environmental remediation, environmental monitoring and other research and development, technical consultation, project design, construction etc.. Independent intellectual property research institute of water treatment in Lin own up to 40 items, and turnkey projects such as the core competitiveness of the technology for the industrial park and municipal wastewater, domestic sewage and industrial waste water, tap water, textile, papermaking, printing and dyeing projects, petrochemical and other integrated water (water supply and sewage, water reuse sludge, variable energy) and related utilities, providing engineering solutions.


The current research institute to provide water treatment in the Department of Lin professional water treatment equipment has a variety of ion exchanger, various filters, reverse osmosis, electro osmotic suction series and other special water treatment equipment; provide for water treatment agent for all kinds of water scale inhibitor and dispersant, and cleaning technology and process for the scavenger series, foaming water treatment with hydrochloric acid.

  The founding team of the water treatment institute has international technology and equipment for sewage treatment (including municipal wastewater, chemical wastewater, pesticides and printing and dyeing industry sewage). As well as the proper technology and equipment for river restoration and soil treatment (heavy metal pollution and petrochemical pollution). At present, the research and development of waste gas treatment, wastewater treatment and soil remediation are mainly carried out.



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